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22, 2016

Life Was Good

Ana and her husband enjoy what would become their last outing without thinking about cancer every second Ana and her husband enjoy what would become their last outing without thinking about cancer every second

26, 2016

The Diagnosis

Ana realized that her left eye felt differently, a bit tired. She decided to get her vision checked… 

22, 2016

The Enucleation

After a month of constant prayer and a lot of crying, Ana decided to have her left eye enucleated. She trusted God’s plan

17, 2017

The First Treatment

After a long recovery, Ana began a clinical trial with Crizotinib, a medication that acts as chemotherapy…

24, 2017

First Liver Directed

Biopsy confirmed Metastatic Melanoma. Ana’s tumors were growing so quickly that laparoscopic surgery…

22, 2018

More Metastasis &
Immunotherapy Treatment

During a routine scan, liver metastasis was again found. Ana begins taking two immunotherapy drugs daily.

15, 2018

Off Immunotherapy

Ana’s liver begins to show signs of autoimmune hepatitis & immunotherapy treatment is suspended… 

05, 2018

Second Liver Directed

Ana has no option but to have yet another liver procedure. The two-part procedure, Y90, injects radiation into…

11, 2019

Review Of Scans: Visit
To Dr. Sato In Philadelphia

Ana travels to Philadelphia, PA to meet with Dr. Sato, Director of the Uveal Melanoma Program at Jefferson…

20, 2019

New Scan Reveals
Tumor In Spine

During a routine scan, it is discovered that Ana has a tumor on her spine. She undergoes Cyberknife radiation…

09, 2019

New Scan Reveals
More Tumors

Ana shows new tumors in her liver, lungs, neck, brain and skull. A biopsy of her neck is conducted which confirms…

05, 2019

Hope For Systemic

Ana learns of a new treatment that shows promise for her tumor type. She visits the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center…

19, 2019

Radiation To Scalp

Ana begins a grueling two weeks of Cyberknife treatments to her scalp which result in hair loss, declining…

02, 2019


While waiting on information from Sarah Cannon, Ana plans to conduct a Chemoembolization of her liver…

09, 2019

Arrive In Nashville

After arriving in Nashville, Ana’s condition worsens. Her ascites have returned and another four liters of fluid…

23, 2019

Flight Home

Ana is in a lot of pain and discomfort as we leave our car in Nashville & fly home to see what can be done…

05, 2019

My Eldest Son's Birthday

Ana is able to celebrate JC’s 29th Birthday at home with both her sons. We celebrate his birthday by cutting him…

06, 2019

3 A.M. Drive To The Hospital

Ana is rushed to the hospital at 3:00 a.m. Although her high tolerance for pain has always been evident, something…

08, 2019

Day Of Clarity

Ana is awake and tells her family and friends not to worry, that things will be just fine. Most of the day…

11, 2019

We Say Goodbye

Ana takes her last breath at 11:00 p.m. on October 11th, exactly one month before her 55th birthday…

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