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Emily & Ian

“365 days down, forever to go.” These words came from a letter that my husband Ian wrote me for our first wedding anniversary. It was June of 2019 when I found it stuffed away in my underwear drawer and re-read it. Ian had passed away just three months ago. “Forever to go.” The tears flowed as I realized how I had not only lost my husband, my soulmate, and the father of my two child ren, but I also lost our beautiful future together. I lost our forever — our dreams of growing old together, of watching our children reach milestones and seeing them grow up. I lost my identity as Ian’s wife, his partner-in-crime and in life. I lost my direction and purpose in

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The caring sunshine. That’s what my family and friends use to call me. “Caring” … The first time I had to learn to take care of myself was back in 2019 when all of a sudden everything in my life went down the drain. losing loved ones, overworked, planning to start a family, no sleep, etc. only more and more to do. Actually, something saved me from me, and even if having cancer is very unfortunate, I can only be thankful for all the things I’ve learned about myself along the way. I’m writing my own life drama with a happy ending. For all of you going through these hard and difficult times, stay positive and be strong and remember, time is eternal but our

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I was diagnosed 8.17.20 with Stage 1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I remember laughing when my Dr told me I had cancer and saying “this is why I wanted a mastectomy when I first starting finding lumps 4 years ago”. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover someone wanting to be a previvor without a gene mutation, and I didn’t have the funds to complete this out of pocket. Working out while receiving chemotherapy wasn’t always something I could manage, so I began practicing mental fitness by learning to meditate and I think it’s going really well so far! I’ve now finished my chemo and awaiting the day for my DMX to arrive so I can finally get this tumor out of me. This time in “limbo” has

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2 years… now that’s worth celebrating. Today I take a pause to sit and remember this extremely difficult battle. I remember how dark I felt at times. I remember how hopeless and scared some moments were. I remember the kindness of the few who showed up to be my strength and support when I couldn’t be that for myself. It was in that allowance to just truly feel my truth of sadness and pain that I rose up to free myself from the lock I’d held on my life for so long. 🔒Be strong always, it’s a great thought but it’s just not balanced. We humans have all emotions for a reason. Anger, sadness, loneliness, pain do not make you weak. They can be the

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My name is Shanee’ Wilson. I’m a 34-year-old stage, four lymphoma survivor. Cancer was hands down the most challenging this I’ve ever endured, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not only did my journey happen only six months after being married but it happened so fast, I didn’t know what hit me. I had such an aggressive treatment in which I had to check into the hospital every two weeks for six-day increments as cancer tore me down. While I had moments of defeat, I knew that God had bigger and better plans for my life so I fought for my life wholeheartedly each and every single day. With my family’s support, my super strength, and God’s grace, I made it to the other side. So now

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October 3, 2019…it was a good day until it wasn’t. =I was 37 years old. I was married with 3 boys aged 18, 15, & 12. There was no history of breast cancer in my family.  I had no reason to get a mammogram. …until my husband found a lump in my right breast. I knew the moment I felt that it wasn’t supposed to be there. After a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy, 6 days later I was diagnosed with Invasive Carcinoma-triple negative breast cancer…grade 3 of 3… a Nottingham scale 9 of 9. This means I was diagnosed with the most aggressive and ugliest form of breast cancer😔 I am healthy. I worked out every day. I eat healthily. I take care of myself. How

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It was spring of 2016 and life was pretty close to perfect…We had moved into our dream home, my kids were two and five years old and were absolutely beautiful, and I was in the perfect job.  My 35th birthday landed on the Jewish holiday of Purim, so we had friends and family over to celebrate.  We were leaving in a few weeks to LA for a family celebration.  My daughter was in her first season of her dance competition team. We were so happy. One day my bra was uncomfortable but I assumed it was just getting old and the underwire might be poking me.  The kids went to bed, and I went to take off my bra to get in my pajamas.  My

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One Year Anniversary Butterfly Release

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