Meet the Fighter – Aurora

I was diagnosed 8.17.20 with Stage 1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I remember laughing when my Dr told me I had cancer and saying “this is why I wanted a mastectomy when I first starting finding lumps 4 years ago”. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover someone wanting to be a previvor without a gene mutation, and I didn’t have the funds to complete this out of pocket.

Working out while receiving chemotherapy wasn’t always something I could manage, so I began practicing mental fitness by learning to meditate and I think it’s going really well so far!

I’ve now finished my chemo and awaiting the day for my DMX to arrive so I can finally get this tumor out of me.

This time in “limbo” has been mentally tough for me because I’m a very anxious person, to begin with. To help calm my anxiety, I created @foobsandfitness . Here is where I can help other women in their battle, utilize fitness to combat chemo and cancer. I love being able to offer any support I can and cheer on my fellow warriors!