Meet the Fighter – Katrina

2 years… now that’s worth celebrating.

Today I take a pause to sit and remember this extremely difficult battle. I remember how dark I felt at times. I remember how hopeless and scared some moments were. I remember the kindness of the few who showed up to be my strength and support when I couldn’t be that for myself.
It was in that allowance to just truly feel my truth of sadness and pain that I rose up to free myself from the lock I’d held on my life for so long.
🔒Be strong always, it’s a great thought but it’s just not balanced. We humans have all emotions for a reason. Anger, sadness, loneliness, pain do not make you weak. They can be the biggest most impactful teachers we may ever come across. For me once I allowed myself to let down and not be strong and not be ok my healing truly began. And then my true authentic self arose and continued to build and has continued over the past 2 years. Weaving through the mountains and valleys. The light cannot exist without the darkness as the dark can exist without the light. These beautiful polarities are our greatest teachers if we choose to be open and honest. Self-compassion will lead the way.
One of the most impactful teachings I have ever been graced with.

I hope this message helps if it’s one you needed to hear today or someday.
Happy Halloween friends. Happy full moon. I woke up and watch the sunrise and I’m going to dance the day into the full moonlight tonight just grateful to be. 🔓☀️🌕

The light in me goes out to the light in you. 🙏🏽