Meet the Fighter – Mila

The caring sunshine. That’s what my family and friends use to call me. “Caring” … The first time I had to learn to take care of myself was back in 2019 when all of a sudden everything in my life went down the drain. losing loved ones, overworked, planning to start a family, no sleep, etc. only more and more to do. Actually, something saved me from me, and even if having cancer is very unfortunate, I can only be thankful for all the things I’ve learned about myself along the way. I’m writing my own life drama with a happy ending. For all of you going through these hard and difficult times, stay positive and be strong and remember, time is eternal but our lives aren’t. So start living now! Even if you feel like giving up. You have to live your life to the fullest, embrace your blessings and be grateful. All the best, Mila